Profitable holiday property in New Gudauri

A multifunctional hotel and residential complex is located just 120 km away from Tbilisi on the southern slopes of the Caucasian Ridge. Gudauri is the most popular Georgian international ski resort. Thanks to high quality of the construction works the company Red-Co, which has developed a project, received the international award «For Excellence and Business Prestige» in New York in 2014.
Quick returns
Most likely to
succeed developing
ski resort
Profitability to 18%
No property tax
Residence permit

Ongoing projects

Why Georgia

Favourable investment climate

Now it is profitable to invest in Georgia. Georgia ranked 9th in Ease of Doing Business Index published by the World Bank.


According to the research of GALLUP World – one of the most authoritative global performance-management consulting company – Georgia is in the list of the safest countries all over the world.

Minimal bureaucracy and absence of tax on real estate purchase

The process of the process of real estate buying in Georgia takes less than an 1 hour and gives the buyer the right to obtain a permanent residence permit.

Rapid growth of the tourism industry

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization growth rate of international tourism in Georgia is one of the highest in the world over the past three years. The annual growth of tourist flow is 23%.

Key industry

Real estate and hotel business is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Georgian economy.

Supremacy of law

According to the WJP Rule of Law Index in 2017 and 2018 Georgia ranked 38th among 113 countries and the 1st among the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


Today Red-Co, which is trusted by global brands,
is an expert of the real estate market with
an impeccable reputation.
In May 2012, RED-CO bought a land plot of 50 hectares for construction and development of a world-class resort zone.

The goal of the company is to realize your dreams of a comfort and high standards of living. Our experience and the highest level of reliability will allow you to make a profitable investment in real estate!

Business portfolio of our company includes: In October 2013 Red-Co was awarded with the «International Gold Star Award for Quality» during the World Quality Convention in Paris.

Why New Gudauri

Bloomberg: «Gudauri – one of Europe’s most exciting new ski areas».

A unique investment project in Georgia – it is a leisure and entertainment complex on the ski resort with guaranteed rental from the developer.

The development master plan of New Gudauri was created by the Canadian company Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners. It includes the construction of 26 new buildings: hotels, aparthotels, private residences and 20 private chalets. 99% of all projects, both completed and under construction (more than 1000 apartments), have already been sold. The master plan also includes the construction of various types of business, entertainment and sports facilities, such as conference rooms, night clubs, casinos, a sports stadium, an ice rink and much more.

Gudauri development plan
Gudauri naturally combines the majestic mountain landscapes and modern comfort of Europe.

4 months of guaranteed snow cover at an altitude of 2,196 metres above sea level create ideal conditions for the further development of the resort. Most tourists associate Gudauri with ski holidays. But the development of tourism infrastructure expands the Gudauri format and the resort is gradually becoming an year-round tourist mountain town.

New Gudauri is only 1.5 hours (120 km) away from the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. To become the owner of apartments in Novy Gudauri is a great profit.

To find out more

Object Types

SPA & Sports
and cafés


Investing in New Gudauri is an excellent opportunity to become
the owner of real property in one of the most dynamic economies
in Eastern Europe and Central Asia!

$35 000

The minimal investment
is $35 000 Dollar


Interest-free long-term
installment of payment


Average occupancy of
New Gudauri


Financial risk

Payback period 5-7 years

The professional team carries out a detailed analysis of return on investment taking into account the popularity of New Gudauri in different seasons.

Exclusive offer

The spectacular landscapes, fresh air, more than 70 ski slopes and modern architecture – it is the perfect formula of successful resort development.

Year round profit

Gudauri is an all-year destination: in winter as a ski resort, and in summer it attracts tourists with its developed infrastructure, unique landscapes and great national peculiarities of Georgia. Rental income is up to 18-20% per annum.

Management Company

Investing in the project of Red-Co Management group provides a guarantee of reliability, high quality and passive income.
Full details


New Gudauri has a developed and modern infrastructure. Here you will find everything you need for a comfortable life and rest:
  • casino
  • restaurants
  • stores
  • SPA-zone with swimming pool and fitness center
  • 24-hour security
  • ski storage
  • conference areas and zones for other events
  • playgrounds for outdoor activities
  • playgrounds for kids
  • underground parking
All aparthotels are equipped with furniture and household appliances, which are included in the price.

Thanks to artificial snow making New Gudauri ski season lasts much longer.

This project is not only a profitable investment, but also a great place for your habitation or vacations at the location where picturesque mountain landscapes are combined with comfortable accommodation.

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